Sunday, 21 of January of 2018

Starcraft 2 Learning Resources

Here you will find a compilation of all of the resources that I feel are relevant to beginner-level players. However, I highly recommend taking the time to check them out regardless of your skill level. All things in Starcraft extend from the fundamentals.


Friends of LSC2

This is a list of blogs whose authors are considered friends of LearningSC2. To be worthy of being a friend of LSC2 authors must be dedicated to the growth of SC2 and consistently post high-quality, insightful content.


The Day[9] Daily

Day[9] is a wealth of knowledge on all things Starcraft. He hosts an (almost) daily show which ranges from 40 minutes to an hour. The Day[9] Daily should be a part of every serious Starcraft 2 player.


Force provides a series of very clear instructional videos on his Youtube channel. He examines openings used in top-level games as well as providing some overall strategic insight.

The Forums

On the variety of Starcraft 2 forums available you will find an active community discussing the game in great detail. You can also find a wealth of other information and resources.


Replays are a great learning tool and a few excellent sites exist to provided user-uploaded replays to the community. The great thing about these sites is that you can search for a specific matchup, map etc.


Other Resources

Any other nuggets of wisdom and learning I stumble across will be listed for your reference.


Do you know of any other learning resources that can help beginners? If so contact me so I can add them here!