Sunday, 21 of January of 2018

Friends of LSC2

This is a list of Starcraft 2 blogs from authors that I know post great content. All of these blogs have their own style and contain a wealth of information about the game. I highly recommend you pay them a visit!


Starcraft 2 n00b – KingOctavious

Twitter – @KingOctavious

KingOctavious regularly posts video analysis of his own replays via his website His videos are a great resource for other beginner players and they can also be quite entertaining. Make sure you check out the videos of our best of five crossover matches while your there! – TwoCube

Twitter – @TwoCube

TwoCube is a Diamond-level Zerg player who is chronicling his attempts to get into Masters. He regularly posts blog entries and videos of his matches. His posts focus on the details of each matchup, specific strategies and map analysis as each of these things are important for a player trying to push into Masters. TwoCube’s blog stands out to me because his idea is similar in premise to mine, document the learning process to help others understand the specifics of the game.


‘AlectoBlade’ – Gilbertamie

Twitter – @Glibertamie

AlectoBlade is very new to Starcraft 2. At her blog you can follow her adventures into the world of SC2 as she overcomes the challenges of being a Starcraft newbie. AlectoBlade posts very regularly with updates on her progress and insights into the game.


Do you have your own StarCraft 2 blog, website or YouTube channel? I always love to read and share new content so let me know!