Sunday, 21 of January of 2018

Replays are a great learning tool and a few good sites exist to provide a source of free replays from all levels of gameplay. The beautiful thing about these sites is that you can sort by matchup, map, league or just by popularity. Are you having issues with PvZ on Delta Quadrant? Then just go download a heap of replays for that and get you’re learning on!





StarcraftTools has a few extras over the traditional replay upload sites. Alongside it’s replay uploading feature it has an in-browser build order display. This gives you detailed information on every building, unit, and upgrade in the game – even so far as to show Tech Lab switches for Terran. It also allows you to create your own builds or export the build orders to the YABOT custom map. It’s still in it’s infancy so it doesn’t have the large database of replays but if you want to upload some replays for detailed build order analysis this is your best choice.


SC2 Replayed is my personal favourite standard replay upload and replay index site. It has an extremely user friendly interface and ultra specific search options that make it easy to find the specific match-up, races and even players that you want.


SC2 Rep has an awesome selection of replays including tournament replays.


Know of any good replays or replay sites? Let me know about them here.