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Achievement Hunters: Left 2 Die – Brutal and N2D Mode

Highlander's Achievement Hunters! This time Highlander looks at all the achievements associated with Blizzards custom game: Left 2 Die.

In this guide, we will be looking at all of the achievements relating to the Blizzard Left 2 Die custom game. This is a really fun scenario which is based on the Wings of Liberty campaign mission Outbreak. Whilst there is one map, there are actually two different game modes. The first is based on the campaign mission with three degrees of difficulty (Normal, Hard and Brutal) where you have to destroy all the Zerg structures. The second mode is a pure survival mode known as Night 2 Die. Both modes are better played with a partner because of the extra 200 food and the extra control this allows you. It’s also a lot more fun with a friend.

We will be aiming to complete all of the normal achievements in one sweep as we defeat the mission on Brutal difficulty before the fifth night. In doing so we will earn at least 40 achievement points and probably another 10 plus a portrait for killing the Stank without taking any casualties. In the second section of this guide we will get another 30 achievement points for surviving level 15 of Night 2 Die mode.


Map Layout

The map consists of your base surrounded by enemy Zerg and Infested Terran structures. Each player has one main entrance which is initially open with only a Bunker for defence. At the 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions there are alternative entrances blocked by debris which only hold back the Zerg Swarm for so long.

Outside of your base there are many Zerg and Infested structures which produce hordes of attacking units by night and must be destroyed by day to fulfil the victory requirements. Most groups of structures are defended by one or two bunkers full of Infested Marines that can deal out a good bit of damage until their bunker is destroyed, exposing them to the sun.

At the 1 o’clock position there is a Zerg base that is guarded by two Bunkers, three Mutalisks a few Roaches and Hydralisks. Killing the Hatchery will prevent these Zerg units from being re-spawned, so be sure to kill it in one go.

At the 5 o’clock position there is another Zerg base that is defended by two Bunkers on the high ground, Spine Crawlers and a mix or Roaches and Hydralisks. This is definitely the hardest point int the game to break and is best saved till last.


Brutal Difficulty

First Night

On the first night you will be subjected to numerous Hunterlings and two Kaboomers. Be sure to keep unit production up and get Bunkers on both sides of your entrances ASAP.

Hunterlings are the biggest danger on the first night. In addition to using focused fire whenever you see these, a couple of strategies can help minimize the damage they do. By keeping your units focused at one point on the high ground you will be able to dispatch the Hunterlings with minimal losses. Alternatively, try using only a Bunker on the high ground. Without the presence of an attackable unit the Hunterling will be unable to use its powerful leap ability.

Be ready to move out again by the end of the night, you want to make the most of every second of daylight if you want to succeed.

Second Night

On this night the Swarm will break through the rocks at the 1 o’clock position. One Planetary Fortress will hold this pretty comfortably for a night with only a little support/repair.

You will soon be faced with a mob of five Hunterlings followed by your first experience with dealing with Spotters. Be ready at the 12 minute mark as one Spotter will head directly for your Command Centre followed by a pair of Hunterlings at the 13 minute mark.

Third Night

On this night the Swarm will break through the rocks at the 7 o’clock position. You should be building up more forces now and should post some troops to this entrance. A Siege Tank or two can be especially helpful here as the high ground is a little further away from the action. 

You will have two separate waves of Hunterlings come directly to you Command Centres by this night, so if you haven’t already, upgrade this to a Planetary Fortress.

Fourth Night

This is the last night that we need to survive so the principle concern is maintaining as much of an army as possible to destroy all the remaining Infested structures. So if, on this final night, one of your entrances is breached pull your army back to a single point and allow some of your now redundant production buildings to be sacrificed.

The only enemies worth considering on this final night are the two Stanks. One will come early in the night and another quite late. When the first Stank strikes you should still be in pretty good shape, so make sure you move all available troops to his location quickly to take him down. Again well placed structural defences and quickly moving SCV’s to repair are the key here. If done right you should be able to kill the Stank without any losses granting you the achievement and Stank portrait. When the second Stank arrives be sure to focus fire it down as it will not die quickly from the sunlight and will waste important day-time.

Once the fourth night is complete move out for the quick win, this is your last chance so send all of your SCV’s and empty your Bunkers and kill all remaining infested structures.


The upgrade path is best started with Medics and Bunkers (the two players you have enough to afford these at the same time). This tech path is best because you will be focusing on infantry due to their free and easy healing and mobility once Stimpack is researched. The next upgrade worth taking is Siege Tank (resource share to get this tech ASAP) as it will help greatly with defence. The next upgrades you take depend on what you are having the most trouble with. If you are having trouble destroying the Infested Structures Reapers and Hellions are good choices. If defending is the main problem for you then Goliaths and the Reactor-Lab are the best choices.

Other Tips

  • Get started straight away! Your initial units include Vultures and some Marines. Use the Vultures to destroy any Bunkers on level-ground as they can out-range the infested Marines inside. Use you Marines to start killing any undefended Infested Structures.
  • Make sure you use Stimpack plenty throughout the day but make sure to have some Medics with your infantry to keep healed up.
  • Don’t take on the Hatcheries unless you have sufficient time and forces to take them out in one go. The Hatcheries will produce more Roaches, Hydralisks and Mutalisks if they are left standing.
  • Don’t be afraid of Nydus Canals as you will have completed the mission before they even begin appearing.
  • Save the 5 o’clock Hatchery for last and make sure you work your way to it from an anti-clockwise direction so that you aren’t taking on the defences from the low ground.
  • Don’t be afraid to use the pause button. If you select the Science Lab before pausing you can see all of the tech choices while paused so you can discuss how you will proceed with your teammate.

You can grab the original replay of this guide here :


Night 2 Die Mode 

This mode gets insane pretty quickly so I will just keep this guide to the basics. You will need to survive for 45 minutes and attacks remain pretty constant but there are a few key times to note:

  • 00:45 – You start to see Hunterlings at your main entrances so be ready. Keep your forces together on one part of the high ground and use only structures for defence on the other high ground.
  • 07:00 – Start getting a Planetary Fortress at the northern alternate entrance, the Swarm will break through at 10:00 and it takes 2:30 to build a Command Centre and upgrade it to a Planetary Fortress.
  • 07:10 – Start upgrading your main Command Centre to be a Planetary Fortress if you can afford it as Hunterlings are on their way. If you cannot do this in time have some troops ready to defend by 8:20.
  • 10:50 – Start getting Missile Turrets up and position your Marines, Spotter start coming to your main entrances at 11:30 and your Command Centres at 13:30.
  • 13:00 – Start getting a Planetary Fortress at the Southern alternate entrance, the Swarm will break through at 16:00.
  • 20:00 – The first Nydus Worms will appear. From now on need to start trying to get defences within your base, not just at the entrances. Set up Siege Tanks so that they cover as much of your base as possible. Setting up additional Planetary Fortresses in your base will also help. You will be attacked by Nydus Worms at the 24th, 32nd, 38th, 41st, and 44th minute marks. Make sure you kill the last Nydus worm ASAP as the game will not declare victory until it is destroyed.
  • 23:00 – The first Stank will appear. Killing the Stank is the highest priority and be proactive about pulling SCV’s to help repair. Additional Stanks will attack at the 27, 33, 36, 39 and 43 minute marks.


The upgrade path is best started with Medics and Bunkers (the two players should reach these at about the same time). After this you will need Siege Tanks (resources share to get this ASAP). Fire Suppression Auto Repair and the Reactor-Lab are are the next best steps and will help more as the game progresses. Goliaths are excellent for defending against Spotters and are the next priority, once you get them disperse them around your base for maximum air coverage. After these the upgrades do not matter as much so get whatever you like (but leave the Flame Turrets for last).

Other Tips

  • Be mindful of your building placement, once the Nydus Worms start to attack mobility will be essential. Put production and upgrade buildings at the outer edges where possible to leave room in the middle.
  • Have one player focus more on Mechanical units and the other on Infantry. This will maximise the effectiveness of any upgrades researched.
  • Make sure to research all of the upgrades even those you don’t need. You will get a bonus for the extra Biomass you earn and cannot spend.

You can grab the original reply here: 


Appendix: Special Units

The Swarm has five units which are unique to this scenario and each time one enters the game it is announced. A description of each of these unique units follows.


These nasty critters jump cliffs like reapers and use a leap attack to lock on to a unit, disable it and deal a lot of direct damage. These can be absolutely deadly if they manage to get into your mineral line.


These slow, Baneling-like units use an acid attack on buildings and deal some damage on death. These are good to focus-fire if it will make the difference between them dying early or getting their attack off. Make sure to repair buildings that come under their attack.


 A giant Overseer-like flying unit, these are dangerous as they can spot the high ground which exposes your units to Infested Marine fire and because they have a Contamination ability which disables buildings such as Missile Turrets and Bunkers. The cooldown and duration of the Contamination ability means that they can affect two buildings so one Missile Turret and one Bunker is not enough. Spotters also do a decent amount of damage so they are a top priority.

One useful tip is that Spotters will stop to destroy Spider Mines. So if you aren’t already using your Vultures this is another reason to do so.


 A bloated unit similar to the Infestor, these creatures will use their Snare to draw a unit away from your defences. They will target the closest unit they can see so having Marines or SCVs closer then Siege Tanks is an excellent way to remove most of the threat they present.


Similar to the Brutalisk from the campaign the Stank is the most formidable of the units you will face. With its area of effect melee attack the Stank can be devastating if left unchecked. Due to it’s very high HP it can even survive the daylight for a long time. Always target fire the Stank with all non-siege units to minimize the damage it does. Well-placed Planetary Forteresses can help greatly in dealing with the Stank.

Nydus Worm 

Not technically a unit but rather a unit-spawning structure. The Nydus Worm will appear randomly on the map or in your base and start unloading units rapidly. Although you won’t face any Nydus attacks in your first four nights on Brutal difficulty they will become the bane of your existence on Left2Die mode. The screen will shake before they appear so use this warning to gather a group of mobile forces to take it out.

Make sure to focus-fire the Nydus Worm down ASAP, it will spawn Abberations and other units constantly until it is dead. If your base is quite busy using a ‘move’ command to the Nydus and then attacking it can help you destroy it more quickly, don’t be afraid to use Stimpack to help you get there more quickly. Once the Nydus is destroyed you can go about killing off the units it unloaded.


This guide and the accompanying videos were produced by Highlander, a self-confessed achievement junkie from the SEA server. If you have good writing skills or video production talent and wish to contribute to be sure to contact me!

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