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The Main Goal

My main goal is simply to make competitive Starcraft 2 more accessible to new players.

How I Will Do This

My original idea for this site was to make something that documented my learning experience in the hope that new and amateur players will have something that they are able to relate to and learn from. The idea has expanded but that is still the heart of this project.

Articles will be naturally tailored to beginner players and will move upwards from there because they are written from the perspective of such a player.
Articles will fall into three main areas:

  • Learning from the pros. What can be taken from upper level gameplay? How is what those players do relevant when you and your opponents suck?
  • Learning from different sources. How to watch and learn from casts, Day9 Dailies and other Gurus of the game. How to take what is important from these sources and modifying it to low level gameplay.
  • Learning from experience. How to practice, learning from your mistakes, watching your replays. Most articles will fall into this category because they will be about what I learn whilst playing the game. When I write an article like this it will be divided into three sections: What was the challenge/problem? What did I learn? And, How i learned it.

The process of researching for these articles will require me to examine the large amount of learning resources available. To work closer to my goal I will compile the most relevant and helpful of these resources for reference.

About ZiggyD

My gamer handle comes from my middle name, which is Ziggy. Awesome, I know. My real first name is Daniel, so that solves that riddle.

I am a student at Newcastle University in Australia where I am currently studying Management and Marketing. In between work and study I aim to pursue as many interests as I can. Gaming is a big deal for me and has been ever since I first played a demo of Warcraft 1. I hope that I can become involved in the gaming industry, because, to me gaming is an art. It allows someone to experience in a way that no other art form can.

My first experience with Starcraft was on the Nintendo 64 and, honestly, it wasn’t for me. Although this probably had something to do with the fact that i was playing an RTS on a console. However, in 2010 I purchased Starcraft 2. From my first online match I new that this game was different.

Starcraft is more than just another game, it is a pure test of your mettle. It allows you to test yourself against another person and the only advantage you have over your opponent is your knowledge, skill and practice. In ancient times men would test themselves against another person in combat, more recently sports have been an outlet for this need to test oneself. Now is Starcraft. You know that for every rank gained and for every win that you are responsible. And for every loss your resolve to better yourself strengthens.

I think that strong motivations are necessary for a project such as this to succeed. As such I would like to mention my motivations for creating this site and what I hope it will become.

  • This site for me will be an outlet, every day I think about the game and how the learning experiences it offers are like no other. I wish to discuss these thoughts with as many people as possible and this is the best means to do so.
  • I would also like to become more involved in the gaming industry in a general sense.
  • This project will allow me to develop many different skills at once and through experience. Writing, networking, website design, online marketing, communication and social media. I will learn about and develop my skills in all of these areas and many more I am sure.
  • My aim for this site is for it to become self-supporting. That is in order to keep doing this, the site through donations and a few unobtrusive ads, must be able to pay for its own hosting costs. This is the minimum of my expectations performance-wise, and anything beyond will be used to expand and improve my content.


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Thankyou for all of your support, I hope that in turn this site helps you.