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The Year in StarCraft 2 2011 – Robert ‘KingOctavious’ Ring

In this article I talk about KingOcatavious' historic book "The Year in StarCraft 2: 2011".

The people who record history are almost as important as the people that create it. EG writer and ex-SC2 n00b Robert  ‘KingOctavious‘ Ring has done something huge for StarCraft 2 esports, he has created SC2’s first hard record of our history.

The Year in StarCraft 2: 2011 looks just like something you would get a hardcore football fan for their birthday. It’s absolutely packed full of stats, player biographies, tournament results, and history for the year of 2011. Stat nerds especially should pick this book up, the stat-filled appendix contains every detail you could ask for.

The most exciting thing about the release of Robert’s book is that it is a sign of the future. This is a great step forward for StarCraft 2 esports, having a hard piece of history that we can look back on in 10 or 20 years time is awesome. Who knows? People may even use this book (and future copies) in the future to study the history of esports.

The glowing review by SirScoots and the positivity that was showcased on Live on Three absolutely floored me. The top people of StarCraft 2 basically said that every caster should have a copy as their homework. Hearing Robert talk about his own work was also really inspiring.

Check out the episode of Live on Three for yourself:

Support the Production of “The Year in StarCraft 2”

This is probably the most important thing: if you want this sort of thing to keep happening show support for it now while it is in it’s infancy. Robert took a risk to write this book without any sort of guarantee that he would make any money off it. However, for him to do this again he needs people to buy the book and donate if they download it. Yeah, he offers a full download with a ‘pay what you want’ option. What a hero. 

You can also find the book on Amazon in physical copy and for the Kindle. He also mentioned that an iBooks version is on it’s way. You can find out more about the different ways you can purchase and donate over on the book’s website YearinSC2.


If you want to own a piece of StarCraft 2 history and if you would like to see this happen more in the future grab a copy now!

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