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How to Get Your Partner Into StarCraft 2

In this article I discuss how to introduce your partner into the world of SC2.

It can be hard to play and enjoy StarCraft 2 when your partner does not understand or like it.  If you’re reading this then StarCraft 2 is likely more than just a game to you, it is a hobby that you put a lot of effort into, get a lot out of, and, make friends whilst doing. Not being able to share something that is so important with the people you are close to won’t only affect your enjoyment of the game but it will also strain relationships.

The good news is that it is nearly always possible to transform your significant other into a StarCraft lover, or, at the very least have them understand and respect your love of the game. Helping @Gilbertamie to understand my love of Starcraft 2 (she recently bought her own account!) and helping a few friends with their own struggles has given me a few ideas on the best ways to approach this challenge. Unsurprisingly, a lot of what I will discuss focuses around the key theme of honesty. Being honest about what you love is the best way to win someone over, so let’s kick things off with that idea.

A cheeky yet sweet Starcraftt 2-themed letter sent to me by @Gilbertamie. Click to enlarge.

Be Honest

Being honest is the first and most important step when trying to get your partner into StarCraft 2. Partners often want to know what their other half is interested in and unless your honest about your love affair with this game then they will not make an effort to appreciate it.

If you are hiding the fact that you love StarCraft 2 then take some time to think about why. Are you afraid that they will consider it nerdy? Does it seem like they wouldn’t be interested? Gaming can’t really be a hobby can it?

Gaming is becoming more mainstream as a hobby with ‘casual’ games converting traditionally non-gamers into people that play fairly frequently. In addition to this the more ‘serious’ world of gaming has had a change where instead of female gamers being considered nerdy they are considered cool. These trends alongside the growth of eSports mean that gaming is becoming a more serious part of peoples lives and not just a past-time of the nerdy.

It is the perfect time to be honest about your love affair with Starcraft 2, take the leap and get your partner, friends and family into it too!


Commentate Your Own Replays

Showing that you are willing to embarrass yourself to share one of your games with your partner can be a big help. Pick a fun game that you played and cast it. It could be a win or a loss (I prefer losses for entertainment value but this is up to you) and run through it explaining what you were thinking, what you thought your opponent was doing and how this was good/bad for you.

Remember to keep it entertaining, say what was fun, what you did well and what you did badly. In trying to win over @gilbertamie I cast a number of games to her:

“It was good to see what level you (ZiggyD) were at and it was funny to hear you putting on your casting voice, 

“I also liked being able to ask you questions as the game played out and having you explain why you chose certain units was interesting.” @gilbertamie said. 

Having your partner get involved like this is a great step forward, it takes the game from something you do by yourself to something you can share together. There is also something very honest about casting a game for someone one-on-one so let your enthusiasm show through.


Explain the Major Personalities in the SC2 Community

There are a lot of interesting personalities in the professional Starcraft 2 scene and sharing this aspect with your partner gives them someone to cheer for or someone to hate. Tell them a bit about the people playing in current tournaments, their personalities and their distinctive play-styles. 

Once your partner knows the personalities behind the game it will become easier and more fun to watch games and tournaments with them.


Talk About the Community

 Even taking away the major personalities the Starcraft 2 community is very impressive. Thousands of people attend tournaments all year round and thousands more tune in to live streams to support their favourite players. The Starcraft 2 community is also one of the friendliest communities I have been apart of. Make sure to show this side of the game to your partner, seeing so many great people connect over this common interest is very convincing,


Watch Shoutcasted Games Together

When beginning to watch professional games with your partner it is important to choose well casted ones. There are typically two types of casters: the highly analytical and the shoutcasters. The highly analytical casters are generally more interesting to experienced players who are looking to pick up on the nuances of the games. Shoutcasters on the other hand focus on excitement and entertainment with a fast paced play-by-play casting style.

When introducing your partner to the game choose shoutcasters or other beginner friendly casters. Some suggestions of beginner-friendly casters are:

  • Day[9]: Halfway between shoutcasting and the highly analytical style, Day[9] is very beginner friendly explaining strategy and tactics in less exciting moments of games and switching to a shoutcasting style in moments of action. You can find casts by Day[9] at his website or by watching any recent MLG or Dreamhack VODs.
  • TotalBiscuit: Considered to be the pioneer of the shoutcasting style. If you’re looking for action packed casting TotalBiscuit should be your first stop. You can find casts by TotalBiscuit on his YouTube channel. 
  • Tasteless and Artosis: The GSL casting duo are a happy medium between the two casting styles and are extremely entertaining. You can watch casts by Tastless and Artosis by tuning into the GSL or MLG tournaments.


Play the Game Together

Actually sitting down and playing some games with your partner is a great way to get them a bit more involved in the game. When @Gilbertamie said to me “Teach me how to play Starcraft” I knew I was on the right track.

Have your partner play a game vs the Easy AI while you help them out with the basics. Get them using some hotkeys and building some fun units. Alternatively, you could run through some campaign missions witth them if you think that would be better suited.


The Secret Weapon: Day[9] Daily #100

If you think you’re starting to win your partner over then it’s time to bring out the secret weapon, the coup de grace, Day[9] Daily #100 – My Life of Starcraft. In this two hour special Day[9] will make you laugh and cry and be proud to do so.

Set aside an evening, get some good food and drink and settle down with your partner to hear Day[9] pour his heart out on his stream. If, after watching this, your partner does not at least have a respect for what Starcraft 2 means to its players then they have a heart of ice! 

After this it’s also worth watching Day[9]’s Funday Mondays with them, or, watching them yourself with the volume turned up loud so they can hear. Laughter is very attractive. 


Buy Them A Copy

This final step may seem risky as you will be spending $50 – $80 on a game that they may not even play, but if they have even a slight interest it is your duty as a Starcraft 2 player to nurture that interest. So buy them a copy and tell them that they don’t have to play it, that you’re not expecting anything. If they do want to play it let them know that you will be more than happy to teach them or play co-op games with them.


Good Luck!

Good luck with bringing your partner into the world of Starcraft 2. The more people we can win over the better this game will become and the more the community will grow and thrive. Remember that although the above advice has worked well for me and others it’s up to you to best determine what will help your partner understand your passion. Above all else be honest and be open about what you love and you will win their respect.


@Gilbertamie is new to Starcraft 2 and is writing about her own learning experiences on her blog Be sure to check it out, leave a comment and follow her on Twitter! 

Addition:  Gilbertamie wrote a tie-in post to this one telling her side of the story. It’s a great read and very revealing! Make sure to check it out at her blog.


Does your partner play Starcraft 2 or are you yet to win them over? Tell us your experiences in the comments section below! 

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G'day, i'm ZiggyD, founder of When I started LSC2 I was in Bronze so I know what it's like to be a beginner. With this experience I hope to make learning Starcraft 2 easier for new players and to assist the growth of eSports. I'm also a fulltime YouTuber as well! For updates of what i'm working on you can follow me on Twitter at @ZiggyDStarcraft

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