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Achievement Hunters: Co-op Stomp Coverage Insane AI

Highlander's Achievement Hunters: Co-op Stomp!

(Updated for Patch 1.4)

In this episode of Achievement Hunters Highlander looks at how to get the 2v2 Co-op Coverage Stomp Insane AI achievement.



I am often asked for help with this achievement and it has a decent pay-off. Once completed you will earn 10 points per difficulty (40 total) and if you do this for both 2v2 and 3v3 you will net a hefty total of 80 points!


The following guides explain how to do this for each of the three races:


For Protoss you will be using the Cannon rush strategy found in the first video in the series: Achievement Hunters: Insane AI 3v3 Co-op Streak. Make sure to help your allies out as soon as you deny mining on your opponent as they may be struggling.



Upon starting the game immediately send an SCV to your opponents base and as soon as he arrives start building a Supply Depot. The intention here is to draw the workers from mining as they will attack the Depot, which the AI considers to be a threat. As soon as you see workers coming to attack press the ‘Halt’ command (hotkey ‘T’) and pull the SCV away from the enemies base. Wait untill the Depot is just about to be destroyed and cancel it (hotkey ‘Esc’) to get most of your money back. You will need to repeat this step as many times a possible to prevent the AI opponent from harvesting.

Meanwhile, you will need to use your multitasking ability to build a regular Supply Depot and Barracks fairly close to your opponents base to start building marines. Be careful not to build these too close to the AI’s base as it may draw their workers attention. Refer to the video for an example of how far away you should build these. Keep building Barracks and constantly train Marines.

When you have a force of 5 or so Marines move into the AI’s base to attack. Using this many will prevent the AI from defending itself with its workers so destroy any military units the AI has and then push to the mineral line to finish them off.



As Zerg you will use a simple 7-Pool strategy combined with an aggro Extractor tactic similar to the Terrans aggro Supply Depot tactic. Build one Drone at the beginning of the game then begin saving minerals for a Spawning Pool. Once you start morphing the Spawning Pool send one Drone to your AI opponents base. While your Pool is morphing you can build another one or two Drones and save Larvae for Zerglings. Once your Pool is complete morph as many Zerglings as possible and then a Queen once your Larvae are all used up. Morph in Overlords as necessary.

When your Drone scout arrives at the AI’s base have it start building an Extractor on the opponents Geyser to draw workers from mining. Cancel and rebuild the Extractor when the health becomes very low. Doing this will disrupt mining greatly and will only have a minimal cost to you.

Once your Zerglings arrive engage any stray units at attack structures until you have sufficient forces to take on the AI’s workers. If the AI attempts to attack you with its Workers pull back until it sends back most of it’s workers giving you a few easy kills. Controlling this way will allow you to kill off the AI pretty quickly. If you are facing a Zerg AI you can have one or two Drones (including the one building the aggro Extractor) build Spine Crawlers on the opponents Creep to make the fight a lot easier.


A Few Things To Note:

  • If you get a map where the AI opponents spawn very close together they will defend as one and it will become quite difficult. Don’t be afraid to quit and try for a new map – your not going for a streak here so the losses won’t matter.
  • Keep in mind which match-up is easier for each of your allies. Leave Zerg opponents for your Zerg teammates and leave Protoss opponents for your Protoss or Terran allies.
  • If things go bad transition to Speedlings as Zerg or Reapers as Terran and use hit and run tactics to kill off the AI’s buildings. Have your Protoss allies feed you resources to further help.


Highlander is a self-confessed Achievement junkie and overall newbie on the SEA server. You can follow his achievement progress here.


If you have any comments or Requests for achievements you want to see covered let us know in the comments below!

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G'day, i'm ZiggyD, founder of When I started LSC2 I was in Bronze so I know what it's like to be a beginner. With this experience I hope to make learning Starcraft 2 easier for new players and to assist the growth of eSports. I'm also a fulltime YouTuber as well! For updates of what i'm working on you can follow me on Twitter at @ZiggyDStarcraft

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